How have general public service media adapted to help broadcasting sport content whenever there are no live sports activities due to #COVID19? What instructions have most of us learned, and just how can we all plan for the go back to live sport?

In this kind of extra tv show of our own new series, EBU Instruction from Lockdown, the fresh Director of Eurovision Game Glen Killane can be joined by Barbara Slater (BBC), Panu Pokkinen (Yle), and even Dàvid Székely (MTVA) for you to discuss the challenges and even opportunties presented by the particular existing turmoil.

Together http://gmtv365.com will discuss innovative programming suggestions, the way they have have designed full technique rich sport archive and the challenges connected with broadcasting sport with stringent social isolating measures still in place.

Watch now on our Youtube route (subtitles in English plus French) or perhaps download the transcript.

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